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Kayaking in Ohio is a growing sport – for good reason

Hi, I’m Rhett Rohrer. I own RiversEdge Outfitters in Waynesville, Ohio, on the LIttle Miami State and National Scenic River. For years our customers have had a blast taking trips down the Little Miami in canoes and rafts. But over the past few years, we’ve seen a growing interest in kayaking.

Once our customers take a kayak trip, they fall in love with these nimble watercraft.

That’s why I’ve put together this website – to introduce newcomers to the fun that can be had kayaking in Ohio.

We’ve been a leader among Ohio outfitters in bringing kayaking to Ohio’s waterways. We have one of the largest kayak fleets in the state. And, I think, the most beautiful kayaking river in the state.

If you’re intrigued by kayaking and want to give it a try, take a few minutes to learn about kayaking then make plans to stop by and try it out.

I hope to see you soon kayaking the shady, scenic Little Miami River.



Rhett’s Introduction to Kayaking

If you’re new to kayaking and thinking of giving it a try, take a few minutes to listen to RiversEdge Outfitters owner Rhett Rohrer talk about how fun the experience is.  He takes a look at the various types of kayaks RiversEdge offers, including the very popular, very agile (very fun) sit-on kayak.  He also talks about paddling a kayak and tops it all off with a heaping helping of fun kayaking footage from right in the middle of the scenic Little Miami River.  So spent a few minutes with Rhett learning about kayaking and then make a reservation to spend an afternoon kayaking the Little Miami River.

We Feature Perception Kayaks

At RiversEdge Outfitters, we have several different styles and types of kayaks to choose from, both sit-in kayaks, and sit-on-top kayaks.  We also have both single person or 2 person (tandem) models.  The video above covers the different models we offer.

Here are a couple of views of Perception’s Prodigy kayak.

You can see that they feature comfortable seating that’s easy to get into and out of. Also notice the low profile of the kayak – one of the features that makes it very maneuverable even in shallow areas of the Little Miami River. The two white circles at the bow and stern of the kayak are waterproof storage areas. The black lines across the top are tie-downs for equipment and paddles.

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